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Be our guest

Overwhelmed by options? First time travelers? Planning not your thing?.... whatever the reason, we got you.


We know how stressful planning a vacation can be, especially on an island. With restaurants constantly opening/closing, hundreds of charter companies to choose from, unreliable Airbnb pictures... you'll need a vacation from your vacation!


With a combined 40 years of island connections and experiences, let's just say we have friends in low and high places. We will match you with the perfect personalities and adventures to create an unforgettable trip without all the guesswork.  

We are also dedicated to staying as local as possible and selecting the most dependable partners to show you the best of the Virgin Islands.  And if it is something we haven't done before, we are determined to make it happen!

Our services

- villa rentals

- provisions

- excursion bookings

- airport pick ups/drop offs

- inter island travel

- term charters

- private chefs

- spa services

- event planning 

- dining reservations

- photography sessions

- kid friendly adventures

....and more

How it works

Step 1: Consultation

On a quick phone call, we will discuss what services you're looking for, your expectations, and ideal vacation. 

Step 2:


A draft of your perfect trip will be sent to you, along with pricing. We will work together to make changes until you are happy with your stress free trip. 

Step 3:

Finalizing your Vacay!

Specific dates and services will be booked, leaving you nothing to do...but relax!

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